SumVikas Charitable Trust    09-Apr-2020
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MISSION: Delhi’s air quality has been deteriorating steadily. To address this problem, we decided to undertake a massive tree plantation drive in Delhi. This project was launched in 2017.
Special care is taken to choose the plants. Trees and plants that help improve air quality, such as Neem, Peepal, Bargad, snake plants and many others are specially sourced for this drive.

HOW WE WORK: Twice every year, our team motivates people to plant more and more trees in open areas and take care of these trees around the year. During the months of February to April and then from October to November, tree plantation campaigns are undertaken with community involvement. The community is also counseled to take routine care of the planted trees to enhance their survival probability.
ACHIEVEMENT: 6220 trees were planted in different areas of west Delhi in three years. The survival rate of plants/saplings planted by us is a healthy 55 percent, as per the 2019 sample survey conducted by our volunteers.