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We lay special emphasis on female reproductive health. A healthy woman is the foundation for a healthy society.

To ensure female health, Awareness is the first step, and Medical Treatment the last. With this vision, we have embarked upon the mission to enhance health awareness among females, with special attention to adolescent girls and married women from the weaker sections of society.

We conduct awareness programs and counseling sessions relating to:

  • Adolescent health issues, especially menstrual health and hygiene
  • Sexual hygiene, contraception etc. – for married women
  • Cervical cancer and screening
  • Nutrition
  • Early marriage and pregnancy

For the Good Health Project we have tied up with a health care company DrSafeHands, a team of doctors and experts which works in the domain of reproductive health.



We have conducted health camps for our target groups at all our project venues, in Delhi, Uttarakhand and Haryana.

We schedule periodic screening of all children and other beneficiaries at our current centres.

We also facilitate access to affordable as well as government sponsored health facilities and interventions whenever anyone needs help on urgent/chronic health-related problems.



In special cases of chronic illness, we facilitate complete treatment of patients, even surgeries - if required.

One of our life-saving interventions was in the case of a 9-year-old student whose medical condition was discovered during regular medical screening in classroom.

The student, Jyoti, had light fever when our visiting doctor checked her up and suspected a heart condition. This was in 2009. She was taken for further tests and found to be suffering from a serious heart problem, needing immediate surgery. Her family was very poor and did not have any documents either. We facilitated the required documentation and medical intervention. Her community was initially against any surgical procedure. Our team had to organize rigorous counseling for the entire community. The surgery was successfully done at GB Pant hospital. Our team ensured follow-up medication and regular check-ups for several years. The girl is living a normal life now – she got married and delivered a healthy baby in 2019! Her pregnancy was also medically supervised by our team, with the required check-ups facilitated at AIIMS.

Many cases of illnesses and medical emergencies have been similarly handled by our team, with 100% success rate till date. We thank the Almighty for supporting our efforts.